Module 09 – Understanding Incarnation


In this module we explore your incarnation, why you chose to return to the Earth this lifetime and any personal assignments, group or voluntary assignments you may have chosen. We also travel into the Buddhic Plane and connect to the Directorship of the Rays.


Once you have purchased this Module you can then access it from the Open To Channel Apprenticeship page here. 


Module Contents:

Class 1: Introduction to understanding incarnation

Class 2: Meditation – Past life meditation, returning to your past life to heal any part of you from that time and understanding why you chose to return to your next life.

Class 3: Discussion on group incarnation assignments

Class 4: Meditation – Past life meditation continued – resolving aspects caught in good/bad, right/wrong judgement

Class 5: Extended look at the different assignments: how hierarchy ‘karma’ may impact on you.