Module 03 – Securing Your Divine Alignment


In this Module, we are progressing through level six of the Mental Plane. In order to do this, we will be aligning our will to Divine Will because progression through this level is not possible without Divine Alignment. Disruptive parts of ourselves will be harmonised through meditation and alignment exercises. Here, we will also be making our Declaration of Ascension – setting our intention to ascend in this lifetime.


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Module Contents:

Class 1The purpose of aligning your will and how it relates to accessing the highest levels of your channelling system

Class 2: Alignment of Will exercise

Class 3: Exploring how the ego holds onto power in the third dimension

Class 4: Meditation for moving aspects beyond their comfort zone in the Mental Plane

Class 5: Alignment of Will, Opening to the Divine Current and Declaration of Ascension

Downloads: Meditation audio file