Module 06 -The Council Of Twelve


In Module 6, you progress into a direct connection with your own Council of Twelve and begin receiving direct communication from this higher level.


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Module Contents:

Class 1: Familiarising yourself with the aspects that make up the Council

Class 2: Meditation on bringing forth the first aspect of the Council – the Angelic Representative

Class 3: Meditation on bringing forth the Elemental Representative, or aspect that represents Nature

Class 4: The Council of Twelve in relation to the Spiritual Hierarchy for Earth. Discussion on the pledge (conscious declaration of intention) made by the Council to the work of the Spiritual Hierarchy

Class 5: Meditation: Checking alignments and purity of level six of the Mental Plane so that the pledge can be made. Meditation on interacting with and interviewing your Council of Twelve aspects. Determining the alignment of every member

Class  6: Beneficial for those who have not been able to determine the alignment of all members of the Council of Twelve. This additional section is only relevant if you have not been able to secure the alignment of all twelve aspects within your Council of Twelve. It can be a little complex and would only serve as a diversion for those who don’t need it. For those who do, this section explores how to clear levels to bring the aspects into alignment.

Class  7: Continuing our discussion from class 6, we take a deeper look into our example of non-aligned aspects inside the Council of Twelve.