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Facing Fear Interviews

Bill Bennett set off around the world to make a film on fear. He interviewed a broad range of people including leading experts on fear. Then the coronavirus hit, and that put a temporary stop to production. Yet fear was running rampant, and Bill realised there was a desperate need for the kind of information he’d gathered. So as a precursor to the film, he’s created this website containing edited versions of each interview, along with up-to-date Zoom interviews discussing how to manage fear during the current crisis. There’s 27 interviews in all, each running 45-60 minutes, providing nearly 24hrs of crucial and practical advice on how to get on top of your fears. It’s an extraordinary resource discussing fear in depth, tailored to what we’re going through right now.


Akiko Kawakami
“I absolutely love that every module offers logical explanation and practical meditations / suggestions you can implement at home straight away. Amanda delivers beautiful energy and creates a wonderful space despite the online course. It is as if she invites you to her home and delivers one-on-one lessons for you. You can even meet with her telepathic cat, Bluebell, in Module 5! I’m truly enjoying the experience of the whole teaching.”
Yasmin Boland
“Have you heard of a paradigm-shift? That’s what I had when I read Amanda’s book The Light-Worker’s Companion. It puts the hierachy of heaven – including Goddess, Angels and The Council of 12 – into context and perspective. I am very excited and honoured to be a part of taking her work to a wider audience. Highly recommended!”
Bill Bennett
“The books have been a revelation for me. They’ve explained so much. They’re accessible, written simply, but it’s very apparent that they’ve been channelled because they’re technical. They’re like handbooks. For me, right now at this point in my life, I’ve found them to be incredibly useful. They’ve helped me join so many dots. And yet I know there’s still so much to learn. I’m still very much on trainer wheels. One of the things that’s been a huge revelation to me is the concept of a personal “hierarchy.”During the course of my making my film on intuition, I’ve had the privilege to meet some extraordinary mystics and channels. Caroline Myss springs to mind – and Dr. Norm Shealy, and Michael Tamura and James Van Praagh. And of course Lee Carroll, who channels for Kryon. These are remarkable and gifted people. I regard Amanda as their peer.”
Simone Baldwin
“In the Apprenticeship to Channel Course, Amanda generously offers up all of her learnings, insights and experiences in their entirety. She leaves nothing behind in this groundbreaking course, which calls to those searching for a deeper spiritual connection and a yearning to be of service by lighting the way for others. Thank you so much Amanda, for sharing your gifts with all who are on the conscious path to ascension.”

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