Module 01 – Your Channelling System Part 1


In Module 1, Amanda will walk you through your hierarchy, assisting you to understand how your channelling system interacts with your physical body as part of a much larger system. Here, we will also explore the dimensions or planes of consciousness, beginning with the Astral Plane. Particular attention will be given to the Astral Plane and how to retrieve aspects of yourself tethered there. This assists greatly in preparing your energy field and emotional body for channelling.


Once you have purchased this Module you can then access it from the Open To Channel Apprenticeship page here.


Module Contents:

Class 1: Introduction to your hierarchy and Planes of Consciousness

Class 2: The Astral Plane in greater detail

Class 3: Offices within the Astral and Mental Planes within your Hierarchy

Class 4: Meditation to retrieve aspects from the Astral Plane



1. Hierarchy Diagram 1

2. Hierarchy Diagram 1

3. Audio Meditation