Module 04 -Strengthening the Channelling System


In Module Four, we move into the next phase of strengthening the channelling system. We give particular attention to building life force/increasing the flow of the Divine Current through your body and raising your vibrational frequency so that you are able to attune your body and incarnated self to your higher councils. We also introduce the topic of spiritual protection as part of preparing yourself for channelling as well as identify factors that drain life force.


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Module Contents:

Class 1: Increasing Divine Current/life force, stabilising the energetic system of the body

Class 2: Increasing Divine Current/life force through Nature

Class 3: Addressing areas that might drain your life force – hooks, siphons, negative corridors, thought pollution

Class 4: Detailed look at thought pollution, negative projections and psychic attack and tools for clearing this

Class 5: Meditation on the Divine Current and raising your vibrational frequency