Module 08 – The Realm Of The Mystic


In this module we explore the Buddhic Plane and the Realm of the Mystic. We work directly with your Divine Master Teacher, strengthening the connection and lines of communication so that your master teacher can be the bridge between where you are in the Mental Plane, and the Realm of the Mystic. We explore the levels of the Buddhic Plane and the experiences you might expect as you embrace the Path of the Holy Woman, Holy Man on the way to being reunited with the Mystic within yourself.


Once you have purchased this Module you can then access it from the Open To Channel Apprenticeship page here. 


Module Contents:

Class 1: Meditation on visiting your Divine Master Teacher’s sanctuary and meeting the Buddhic Plane aspect of yourself already present

Class 2: The Buddhic Plane, level 1

Class 3: The Buddhic Plane, levels 2, 3, and 4

Class 4: Meditation: Ascending Aspects from Level 6 and Level 7 of the Mental Plane

Class 5: The Buddhic Plane, levels 5, 6, 7 and the Nirvanic Plane

Class 6: Meditation: Entering the Master’s home and receiving teachings

Class 7: Meditation: Ascending through the Buddhic Plane