The Light-Worker’s Companion Study Centre

Welcome to The Light-Worker’s Companion Study Centre. The resources on this page are designed to support you as you work through the levels in the book.

The Great Hall Meditation

This meditation was created to accompany Chapter One of the Light-Worker’s Companion. It can also be used on its own. The Great Hall Meditation returns you to the fifth dimension, a safe meeting place where you can interact with your guardians and Higher Council more easily.

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The Aspect Therapy Meditation

The Aspect Therapy Meditation provides a format for you to retrieve unresolved aspects of yourself by connecting with them, understanding them, and restoring them to their true inner light. For use with Chapter 12 of The Light-Worker’s Companion.

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Connecting to the Earth and Sea Realms Meditation

This meditation helps with reconnecting you to the Earth and Sea realms, grounding and anchoring your energies and providing a format whereby you may reconnect with the Nature Realms and Oceanic aspects of yourself.

It is for use with Chapter 14 of The Light-Worker’s Companion, but can also be used without the book.

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