Akiko Kawakami
“I absolutely love that every module offers logical explanation and practical meditations / suggestions you can implement at home straight away. Amanda delivers beautiful energy and creates a wonderful space despite the online course. It is as if she invites you to her home and delivers one-on-one lessons for you. You can even meet with her telepathic cat, Bluebell, in Module 5! I’m truly enjoying the experience of the whole teaching.”
“Amandas open to channel apprenticeship course is one of the most profound courses I have ever done. Each layer is explained and unfolded with such depth and intricacy. I already feel such massive shifts, like I am fundamentally different. Although this is an online course, I have felt such support through out all the modules. Thank you Amanda for this incredible gift!”
Simone Baldwin
“In the Apprenticeship to Channel Course, Amanda generously offers up all of her learnings, insights and experiences in their entirety. She leaves nothing behind in this groundbreaking course, which calls to those searching for a deeper spiritual connection and a yearning to be of service by lighting the way for others. Thank you so much Amanda, for sharing your gifts with all who are on the conscious path to ascension.”
Tanya Uren
“The ascension paradigm, as taught by Amanda in her Open to Channel apprenticeship course, is a sublime gift to assist us to ascend spiritually. It offers us an explanatory model and the tools to equip us to recognise and transmute our disowned or troublesome parts (aspects), create intentionality by aligning with Divine Will as well as to connect and work with the abundance of Divine Guidance that is available to assist us in our ascension. For me, it has been a very timely and welcome addition to the wonderful offerings in the currently popular spiritual paradigms of Mindfulness, Buddhism & Non Dualism. I feel I am making huge shifts and I see Amanda as being at the helm of this extraordinary voyage I am now embarked on! She is so heart-centred, generous, present and humble throughout the training. I am full of gratitude for this extraordinary offering.”


Bill Bennett
“The books have been a revelation for me. They’ve explained so much. They’re accessible, written simply, but it’s very apparent that they’ve been channelled because they’re technical. They’re like handbooks. For me, right now at this point in my life, I’ve found them to be incredibly useful. They’ve helped me join so many dots. And yet I know there’s still so much to learn. I’m still very much on trainer wheels. One of the things that’s been a huge revelation to me is the concept of a personal “hierarchy.”During the course of my making my film on intuition, I’ve had the privilege to meet some extraordinary mystics and channels. Caroline Myss springs to mind – and Dr. Norm Shealy, and Michael Tamura and James Van Praagh. And of course Lee Carroll, who channels for Kryon. These are remarkable and gifted people. I regard Amanda as their peer.” billbennett.com.au
Theosophical Society
“As a Light-worker you have agreed to awaken earlier than others and clear the way for their unfolding.” Channelled from St. Germain and the Ascended Masters, Amanda Guggenheimer offers this book as a guide to your Ascension Journey. Ascension is the process of spiritual awakening. It is where an initiate connects both to the spiritual realms above and the holy realms within. St. Germain provides a detailed introduction to the Spiritual Hierarchy, understanding incarnation, exploring ascension, the spiritual family, and guides and guardians. The Light-Worker’s Companion is a gateway into higher realms and dimensions of consciousness, as well as an instruction manual on how to become a bridge to these realms.” tsbooksthop.com.au
Yasmin Boland
“Have you heard of a paradigm-shift? That’s what I had when I read Amanda’s book The Light-Worker’s Companion. It puts the hierachy of heaven – including Goddess, Angels and The Council of 12 – into context and perspective. I am very excited and honoured to be a part of taking her work to a wider audience. Highly recommended!” yasminboland.com
Ralph Ballard
“is one of the most significant spiritual books I have ever come across. The information and keys in the book provide a simple and profound method to discover who you truly are, to connect with your core self, and to assist you to commune directly with the Divine Source. In my opinion this work ranks in importance with the most powerful books of Eckhart Tolle, Rudolf Steiner and Carl Jung, as well as the spiritual classics “The Life And Teachings Of The Masters Of The Far East” by Baird Spalding, “The I AM Discourses” by Godfre Ray King, and “The Light Shall Set You Free” by Norma Milanovich and Shirley McCune. I can give it no higher praise than this. The current release of this book is perfect for the huge transitions we are now all going through. It is so timely, and I would say heaven-sent. This book belongs on the shelves of every serious spiritual seeker, whether apprentice, master or somewhere in between.”
Robert Malcon
“Getting in touch with ourselves can be difficult and I believe for many of us, the hardest form of communication. Amanda’s very special book gives us the tools to get help from ‘the all that is of us’, to link back up with our higher aspects. Here is a way of accessing and communicating with that part of us in the time light continuum, the higher dimensional worlds. The tools help us to connect with those Beings of Love who surround us and are here to be of service to us, for our spiritual evolvement as well as theirs. I have found it easy to take these new tools and personalize them to suit my unique and special needs without, I feel, losing the power and intent of what Amanda and the Masters have gifted me. I can feel my “drop of water’ is joining the ‘Ocean’ a lot clearer since picking up this book.”
Lewis Fly
“This title serves as a handbook for those who are serious about their spiritual journey. The author has a special relationship with the guides, who work tirlessly to serve humanity. They have inspired this book of information and instruction. It gives an insight into the way the spirit world works, and how those of us who wish to progess, may take steps to expediate this process. A very enjoyable read for those who have an interest in, or are curious about the spirit world. “
Kerrie Auchettl
“This book will give you an amazing outlook for those who are already on their spiritual path and searching for more answers than what they already have. It is easy to ready and very well written. The author gives you the guidelines not only on self-spiritual meditation and healing, but how it will assist you on a larger scale for your own life and for others around you. It houses wonderful ideas for your own spiritual pathway if you are in doubt your life’s journey. Fantastic and outstanding book.”
Leyna Nemeth
“I have worked in the field of spiritual empowerment for close to thirty years. Part of my service is to give intuitive guidance and I would highly recommend this book, not only to the new initiate starting out on their journey, but also to existing devotees of metaphysics and the spiritual movement.
In The Light-Worker’s Companion you will be given guidance and insight in how to apply some basic, yet empowering techniques that makes it easy for the reader to understand how to communicate and action spiritual information and use it on a practical everyday level.
The techniques and guidance given by Spiritual Masters through Amanda’s insight and intuition will allow you the opportunity to access and understand the spiritual hierarchy, both on a personal and universal level. I found that this wonderful work assisted me in achieving an inner peace and a quiet resolve. This book is an eloquent piece of writing and an outstanding achievement. Congratulations! ”
Insight Magazine
“The Light-Worker’s Companion supports you as you awaken to or seek to further understand your spiritual path. It is a companion and a friend, helping you open the channels to your Higher Self and Beings of Light guiding you. The book explains the spiritual assignments you may have volunteered for prior to your incarnation on earth, and gives you keys to better manage these assignments. It focuses greatly on ascension, the different phases you may experience as you ascend, and introduces members of the spiritual family who assist you. Meditations and practical steps help you move confidently from the point of your initial awakening into higher levels of awareness.”