St Germain – Aligning to Divine Will

Aligning to Divine Will is an important step to consider as you prepare for Opening to Your Higher Council as it will allow you to progress very quickly.

Aligning to Divine Will is the establishment of a solid conviction to yield to the highest levels of all that is of you and your Divine Source. It encompasses the alignment all aspects of ourselves throughout all time and space so that we are 100% aligned on all levels of our hierarchies.

Because it takes a little more work than just affirming it and for some people it can take a couple of months to fully establish, I have provided the following information to help you. We have a message from Saint Germain that helps to explain the significance of Aligning to Divine Will and an alignment exercise, which will be coming soon. The key with the exercise is to not only think “I am aligning”, but to deeply feel it.

Once again, thank you for your commitment to the course.

Kindest regards,